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To give yourself an opportunity to fully experience, feel the full benefits and give yourself time to immerse yourself in the Circle work I suggest a 3 month commitment. It is also important to honour that commitment to yourself and the intention you have for being here, I feel.  

Katie x

Chakra moon crystal healing pack

- £30 (RRP £36)
Amethyst - A high vibrational energy and unique healing frequencies, it cleanses negative energies and creates a safe space for healing.

Rose Quartz - to connect to your heart and rebalance your heart chakra, perfect to support self care.Lapis Lazuli - to balance the throat chakra, supporting you to speak your truth with clarity & confidence

Red Jasper - A powerful protector. It can treat symptoms linked to a blocked root chakra, such as anxiety, high-stress levels, greed and feelings of self-doubt.  

Howlite - a stone used by many for its calming properties. Amazing for calming an overactive mind, soothing anxiety, easing restlessness, and encouraging tranquility. 

Amazonite - increases self-esteem, especially in women, and reduces tendencies to self-neglect.

These will be delivered to you in Circle or sent to you via the post.

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